2018 Dünya Kupası

Rusya dünya kupası heyecanı.

2018 Dünya Kupası Hangi Şehirlerde

The world cup made every 4 years is organized with the best teams from different continents. The address for this year’s cup was Russia. The country, which has not hosted a long-lasting football organization, is extremely excited at this point. The host country, which has made its preparations very fast, will also officially launch the tournament by playing the opening game with Saudi Arabia. If the question of which cities in 2018 world cup is the question is very curious.

Cities Playing Turnuvan

Having undergone an extremely intense preparation period for the World Cup, Russia built 10 new stadiums and completed them in a very short period of time. According to this, the cities that will host the tour are as follows;

  • In the city, which is the capital of the country and attracts attention with its crowded population, two different stadiums will host matches. Accordingly, the biggest stadium of the country, Luzhniki and Mordovia Arena, will witness the exciting matches of different teams. Luzhniki stadium attracts attention as both the opening match and the final stadium.
  • Russia’s second largest city, Saint Petersburg, entered the city, which is the city and home to be used by the Zenit team. In the city which is a historical and tourist city, many important matches will be played.
  • The stat, located in the city of Samara, built with the name Cosmos Arena, draws attention among the host complexes.
  • Besides this, Volgograd city is another city where matches are played. A new stadium was built in Kent for this purpose.
  • Ekaterinburg Arena is located in the city with the same name
  • Sochi stands out with its seaside stadium.
  • Saransk is the city where another match will be played.
  • In addition, world cup matches will be played in cities like Rostov, Kaliningrad, Kazan. In this way, the 2018 world cup is answered in any cities .

Stats Ended In Time

The statues, which were built in a rather frenetic manner after Russia was the host, were completed earlier than planned. Thus, the possible delays that could occur were also avoided. 2018 World Cup in which cities a big excitement football fans are waiting.

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