2018 Dünya Kupası

Rusya dünya kupası heyecanı.

2018 Dünya Kupası Guruplar

The world cup to be held in Russia this year has already excited many people. Teams in the 2018 World Cup groups will be competing for a happy ending. The fixtures of the matches played by the teams who joined from different continents became clear.

There are 8 teams on the tournament

A total of 32 teams will compete on the tournament. Accordingly, 8 groups were formed. The groups and teams are as follows;

Group A: In the host Russia there are Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay.

Group B: He is attracting attention as one of the hardest groups. Portugal and Spain, as well as Morocco and Iran.

Group C: France, Denmark, Australia and Peru.

Group D: There are challenging teams in the group. This group includes Argentina, Nigeria, Croatia and Iceland.

Group E: 2018 World Cup is in groups . The teams here are; Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia and Costa Rica

Group F: This group, which has been described as extremely challenging for many people, draws attention to Germany. Sweden, Mexico and South Korea; the other teams will fight in this group.

Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England.

Group H: Japan, Senegal, Colombia and Poland, the group looks like it will host a very enjoyable match.

Tournament Information What?

The tour will house exactly 11 different towns. Accordingly, matches will be played in 12 different stadiums. Ten of the stadiums were built in the last 5 years and equipped with the latest technology. The Luzhninki Stadium in Moscow was swept away for the tournament. In addition, environmental regulation was successful.

The first match in the 2018 World Cup group struggle will be played between the host Russia and Saudi Arabia. The match will start on June 14 at 18.00. Besides this, the program for the first day was only the match. On the second day, three different games were announced. The final match will be played on July 15th at 18’00. Thus, the winner of the world cup will become known.

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